Services We Provide
·        Drywall installation and repair  
·        In-wall air conditioner unit removal
·        Attic folding stairway installation
·        Painting – ceiling/walls and trim
·        Trim installation - window/door, base and most crown molding
·        Pressure wash – walkways, patios, decks, etc.
·        Ceramic tile and grout repair
·        Drop ceiling installation

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                       We welcome challenging situations.

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Below is an example of what we can do. A homeowner in Basking Ridge
preparing to sell his house needed a rotted column repaired. While the
home inspector claimed it was termites, we determined it was in fact
caused by water damage with no insects present. We duplicated this
column to match three others.

The other pictures are just some of the diversified tasks we encounter.
Rotting column on front porch
Cut-out view of column
Damaged column removed
New column inserted
Bottom view of new column
Finished product
Check back for more pictures of our work as we continue to update our web site

Below is an attic floor installation in a new house in Somerset, NJ  A gated community with similar homes needing      
extra storage space in the attic area not previously completed. Also storage ideas in their garage from pegboard wall      
units to assembled cabinets.
Below is from a job in Milburn that had vertical refrigerant pipes
in the corner of their son's room that had to be "boxed-in"
Below the same Milburn job with a horizontal main duct across the finished attic floor - "boxed-in"
A job in Wayne with a damaged ceiling from a water leak caused by  a second
floor drain. Note the popcorn effect texture finish matching the existing ceiling